The Mechanical Contractor's Association of America (MCAA) is participating in coalitions that are working to gain favorable regulatory implementation of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 passed earlier this year. On the conservation and market aspects of the bill, MCAA is working with the Commercial Building Tax Deduction Coalition (CBTDC) that is pushing for quick and favorable regulations on provisions allowing a $1.80/sq.ft. tax deduction for commercial building owners (and designers, design-builders, and ESCOs) of public buildings "placed in service" between Jan 1, 2006 and Dec. 31, 2007 that achieve a 50% reduction over ASHRAE commercial building standards (90.1-2001) in electrical, mechanical, and building envelop systems.

MCAA is working to ensure that mechanical design-builders and energy savings contractors receive a fair allocation of tax benefits applicable to public buildings. Also, in assessing energy efficiency savings, MCAA is working to assure an equitable allocation of savings targets among the mechanical, electrical, and building envelope systems. Because the two-year time frame is too constrained to allow widespread stimulus and energy savings, the coalition is considering whether to press for extension of the measure, and create lower targets for building renovations as compared with new construction.