ASHRAE is sponsoring a one-year fellowship in Washington that will allow the participant to work in the federal government in a technical advisory role. Possible placement areas include the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Congress or a federal agency such as the Department of Energy or the General Services Administration.

The fellowship is designed to educate participants on the inner workings of federal policy-making, to provide scientific guidance and analysis to decision-makers, and to increase the visibility and involvement of scientists and engineers in the public policy arena.

“Federal government fellowships provide engineers with a unique opportunity to participate directly in the policy making process,” said Doug Read, ASHRAE’s program director of government affairs. “This experience enables Fellows to bring back to their employers an insider's perspective on government decision making that can contribute significantly to the mission and vision of the organization.”

The fellowship runs from September through August 2008, and an orientation is conducted through the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Candidates should possess a doctoral or other terminal degree in engineering or a scientific discipline. Final placement of the selected fellow depends on the needs of the government offices and agencies at the time as well as on the skills and experience of the applicant.