Titus recently announced its new ESV-VP single duct terminal units with factory-mounted valve packages.

Ideal for airport terminals, schools, universities and offices, the ESV-VP features the same high-performance construction as the original Titus ESV. The factory-installed hot water coil valve package of the ESV-VP eliminates the need to install valves in the field, saving time and labor costs.

“While field labor is a major cost in building construction, the number of people qualified to do the work is declining each year due to retirement and fewer workers entering trade careers,” said Mark Costello, product manager at Titus. “With ESV-VP single duct terminal units, we’ve moved valve package installation from the expensive constraints of on-site field installation to skilled technicians in our manufacturing facility, reducing field installation time and cost while delivering repeatable, reliable quality.”

Single duct terminals are fundamental components of variable air volume (VAV) systems, regulating airflow to a zone in response to zone temperature requirements. Field installing control valve packages for these units is a time-consuming process that requires technical skill, and it can be difficult to replicate quality between units without that level of expertise.

With multiple control options, construction options and valve package configurations, the ESV-VP has the flexibility to serve a range of applications and project requirements. For the standard offering, customers can choose from 2- and 3-way valve pack configurations as well as 2-position and modulating control valves. For projects with unique requirements, the Titus engineering team could design customized solutions.

Additional standard ESV-VP features include:

  • On/off or floating point valve actuator
  • P/T ports
  • Isolation ball valves
  • Unions for easy replacements
  • Optional auto flow control or Y-strainer with blow-off connection

The valve package of the ESV-VP may also be shipped loose for easy installation using threaded union connections.
To learn more about the ESV-VP single duct terminal unit, visit www.titus-hvac.com/Products/Terminal Units/ESV-VP. For more information about Titus, visit www.titus-hvac.com.