In pursuit of Xylem’s pledge to Building Better Futures and with a focus on continuous improvement, Bell & Gossett’s redesigned Glycol Make-Up Unit GMU560 offers new enhancements. Ideal for use with automatically recharging glycol or glycol/water recirculating systems, this upgraded model is engineered with efficiency in mind.

The utilization of a 115V Flojet diaphragm pump helps maintain critical system pressure levels to account for fluid losses that may occur due to leakage or evaporation, operating only as needed for optimal system control, and a hand-off-auto (HOA) control switch ensures total ease of use for regular operation and maintenance. What’s more, this pressurized solution for closed-loop heating, chilled water, process, radiant heat or snowmelt systems is easy to install and completely automatic, offering operational and resource efficiencies.  

“The enhanced Glycol Make-Up Unit GMU560 (GMU560S and GMU560P) represents another step forward in Xylem’s commitment to delivering premium packaged solutions to the market,” said Jim Wilkinson, product manager, packaged systems, Xylem Inc. “With hydronic systems increasingly the more efficient choice for heating and cooling, being able to offer an updated GMU that meets this growing trend and includes the addition of a redesigned control panel, and also mechanical improvements is ideal for anyone seeking both user-friendly and eco-conscious solutions.” 

Key features and benefits of the enhanced Glycol Make-Up Unit: 

  • Requires a 115/1/60 single power connection and a 3/4″ MNPT system piping connection.
  • Maintains minimum system pressure levels and provides protection from excess pressure through a pre-installed pressure relief valve.
  • Incorporates low-level protection that automatically shuts down the pump when solution levels are low, activating check light and remote alarm contact.
  • Eliminates leak paths between plumbing and tank, while the new design allows full access to piping from the front of the tank.
  • Pressure reducing valve and gauges allow for fast and easy system adjustments.
  • Package available with PVC and steel plumbing.
  • Improved model offers a significant net cost reduction compared to the previous design.
  • Suited for use with glycol solution or potable water, the reservoir has a 55-gallon capacity.