DriSteem Corp. announced several improvements to its Hydrotrue reverse osmosis water treatment systems. Among the latest improvements to the Hydrotrue RO400 product line are less leak potential, color coded tubing for ease of tracing, modern aesthetics and permeate divert functionality.

 "These changes spring directly from feedback from the field," said Ryan Reimer, senior product manager at DriSteem. "Water systems can be challenging to deal with in the field, the updates we have implemented design out complexity and risk. That equates to a big win for the facility teams who have to install and maintain them."

Designed for DriSteem equipment and stand-alone operation, the Hydrotrue RO 400 Series reverse osmosis water treatment system reduces or eliminates maintenance on downstream equipment by removing over 98% of dissolved solids from supply water. The system comes with front-only maintenance access to the system to replace membranes and sediment filters.

The Vapor-logic controller offers BAS network communications capability and delivers comprehensive system management. The Vapor-logic controller makes these RO systems available with BACnet, Modbus, and LonTalk.