RESTON, Va. — Pennsylvania State University earned first place honors in two of five categories for building integration and construction at the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI) International Student Design Competition (ISDC), April 13-14 in Denver. Pennsylvania State University also earned second place honors in the remaining three categories, which include electrical, mechanical and structural categories.  

Each year, the AEI ISDC attracts the top architectural engineering undergraduate and graduate students from leading academic institutions that offer accredited architectural engineering degrees. The goal of the annual competition is to provide a unique venue for students to showcase their architectural engineering knowledge and skills. The competition encourages collaboration, research, innovation, and peer review.

“I was once again blown away at the quality work the architectural engineering students performed,” said Geof Wright, chair, AEI ISDC. “It was evident that each team was thorough, collaborative, and innovative in their design process. The competition provides invaluable to the students and will more than prepare them for their future careers. AEI's ISDC continues to demonstrate that future of AEC industry is bright.”

Projects are judged in building integration, and in one or more of the following four categories: structural systems, mechanical systems, electrical systems, and construction. Judges of the five categories featured nine representatives of the engineering field from the academic and private sectors.


Building Integration

1st Place – Pennsylvania State University

2nd Place – University of Nebraska – Lincoln


1st Place – Pennsylvania State University

2nd Place – Lawrence Technological University


1st Place – University of Nebraska – Lincoln
2nd Place – Pennsylvania State University



1st  Place – Lawrence Technological University

2nd  Place – Pennsylvania State University



1st Place – Kansas State University

2nd Place – Pennsylvania State University

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