Onicon, a provider of flow and energy measurement solutions, has introduced the System-1000 flow and energy measurement system. Designed for use in high-performance buildings, the System-1000 is a multi-channel interface that provides measurement of thermal energy usage, flow, temperatures, efficiency, and other engineering parameters.

One of the key features of the System-1000 is its multiple flow meter options. Designed for networking, up to eight flow meters can be connected to the unit. Two are reserved for energy calculation, two auxiliary inputs are for electric, steam, gas, or water flow rates, and four contact closure inputs are for totalization or alarms.

"By providing one communication output for multiple meters and reducing the number of connections, daisy chains, and network set up configurations, the System-1000 is a great solution for controls contractors who have to connect multiple devices to the network,” said Luis Ojeda, product manager at Onicon. “It is factory configured for all the connected devices and no PC or other interface is needed to configure network settings.”

The System-1000 can perform up to two thermal energy calculations simultaneously, and provides thermal energy measurement in chilled water, heating hot water, condenser water, and domestic water systems. The energy measurement is based on signal inputs from matched precision temperature sensors and any of Onicon's inline, insertion, or clamp-on style flow meters. Additionally, the System-1000 can accept input from non-Onicon flow meters (4-20mA & pulse).

"We developed this product for those who work in mechanical rooms and need access to their live building data,” Ojeda said. “With its flexible design, it provides energy, flow, temperature, and efficiency data on the local display."

The System-1000 can reduce the number of wall mounted displays in a mechanical room, saving wall space and providing an accessible view of all measured and calculated variables. The System-1000 creates a solution for central energy plants and buildings served by 4-pipe heating/cooling systems.