Kohler expands its KD Series line of industrial generators with two new models, KD700 and KD750 for 60hz markets. These generators feature a new Kohler 18L advanced diesel engine (KD18L06) that can also run on hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) as a renewable fuel source.

The new KD units are designed to power mission critical applications, including airports, hospitals, and healthcare facilities, water treatment plants and mid-sized data centers. HVO provides a cleaner and more sustainable alternative to conventional diesel and biofuels. No adaptation is needed and both HVO and diesel can be mixed together. HVO is also highly stable, with no sensitivity to oxidation, so it can be stored long-term. It enables to offset carbon emission by up to 90% by using renewable waste products.

KD Series generators are engineered to last, with better fuel economy and a small footprint. When paired with Kohler’s global sales and support network the KD Series line-up provides a solution that secures customers’ critical operations. And when service is needed, Kohler has a global dealer and distribution infrastructure consisting of more than 800 facilities offering 24/7 parts availability.

Additionally, Kohler announces an upgrade to its KD800 for 50hz markets with the integration of this new KD18L06 engine, coming to market in summer of 2023.