Energy-efficiency-as-a-service provider Budderfly entered into a high-volume contract with Carrier to deploy thousands of Carrier’s most efficient commercial packaged rooftop units to small and medium-sized businesses across America, primarily fast food, quick service and casual dining restaurants. This agreement will enable Budderfly’s customers to start saving and accelerate the reduction of their carbon emissions.

Budderfly has purchased more than 2,000 WeatherExpert ultra high-efficiency single-packaged rooftop HVAC units with Puron (R-410A) refrigerant from Carrier to be delivered in the second quarter of this year. This specific design is Carrier’s most efficient commercial packaged rooftop unit ever produced and boasts some of the industry’s highest integrated energy efficiency ratios (IEERs) available. The units exceed several high-efficiency benchmarks, including the Department of Energy’s Advanced RTU Challenge, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) 90.1, Energy Star efficiency thresholds and Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) criteria.

“With this agreement, small and medium-sized enterprises’ will have greater access to high-efficiency heating and cooling systems,” said Al Subbloie, founder and CEO of Budderfly. “The few available units often go to the highest bidder, making it hard for small and medium-sized businesses, including many fast-food franchises, to access these units. With our high-volume commitment on behalf of these businesses, Budderfly will be able to offer greater access and shorter installation timeframes to our customers.”

Budderfly’s solutions are provided at zero upfront cost to the customer. Cost savings are generated from the energy efficiency upgrades, as well as from managing, monitoring and optimizing Budderfly customers' energy use and demand.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Budderfly to help America’s fast food, quick service, and casual dining restaurants operate more efficiently,” said Christian Senu, managing director of North American light commercial HVAC at Carrier. “This initiative will help these business owners save money and make a significant collective impact in reducing carbon emissions.”