Daikan Applied has acquired Alliance Air Products, the San Diego-based maker of custom air-handling equipment. Alliance Air’s engineering and technology expertise adds to the Daikin portfolio of high-efficiency equipment and services for data center cooling, and other mission-critical and custom applications.

Data center construction, in particular, is expected to grow at a high rate through 2028 and beyond, accelerating the demand for cooling solutions with an emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability. The combined capabilities of Daikin and Alliance Air address these industry requirements, including chiller-to-computer room air-handler (CRAH) systems that help mitigate a data center’s environmental impact. These systems provide an ideal balance of energy and water conservation.

“Alliance Air has differentiated itself for its manufacturing acumen, creative designs, and nimble work and delivery,” said Jeff Drees, president and CEO of Daikin Applied. “While this acquisition does, indeed, uniquely diversify and strengthen our portfolio, the true advantage is to our customers, especially those with hyper-scale and colocation data centers. The integration with the Alliance Air team will be rapid and seamless so we can bring these benefits to our customers quickly.”

Alliance Air’s precision and speed are enabled by its total wrap-around services that deliver comprehensive customer support — from engineering assistance to design, testing and field services. In addition to data center cooling, the merged operations will serve an array of applications that require custom designs, such as hospitals, manufacturing facilities and labs.

“Our customers need cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions that can evolve with their individual needs and larger industry trends,” said Luis Plascencia, who will continue as President and General Manager of Alliance Air Products. “As the number one air-conditioning company in the world, Daikin has the experience and know-how that will allow us to collectively scale with our customers. We’re bringing together exceptional talent, technology and services that truly offer it all — flexibility, reliability, efficiency and sustainability.”