Bell and Gossett’s new Series e-90E Smart Pump combined with the Xylem Smart Motor — an
 IE5 permanent magnet motor — boasts a high-efficiency hydraulic design in a fully integrated system with pump, motor and variable speed drive all in one. In addition to meeting industry demand for more efficient solutions, the new pump will help building owners optimize operations, reduce carbon footprint and increase energy savings up to 70% compared to a fixed speed pump.
 “The Series e-90E Smart Pump is just one product among our range of new, innovative hydronic solutions designed to reduce carbon footprint and increase efficiency as we look to the
 buildings of the future,” said Brian Thomas, assistant product line manager for centrifugal pumps at
 Bell and Gossett. “This integrated option with the ability to monitor remotely is a competitive
 addition to the market that provides value and meets our customer’s future-focused
 sustainability needs.”
 The Series e-90E Smart Pump is available in 12 combinations of high RPM e-90 models
 combined with the Xylem Smart Motor ranging up to 3HP. Installed in either horizontal or
 vertical piping applications, the pump utilizes a robust mechanical seal which ultimately lowers
 maintenance costs and increases the lifecycle of the pump. Furthermore, its ability to
 communicate with building management systems in one simple-to-use product allows for easy,
 cost-effective installation and better system integration. Additional benefits and features of the
 Series e-90E include:

  •  Sustainable-forward design, including a permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor with integrated variable speed drive that meets IE5 specifications, providing efficiency well above a standard IE3 NEMA Premium efficient synchronous motor
  • Sustainably sourced ferrite magnets in the motor are cost effective and generate less toxic waste and radioactive material compared to traditional rare earth magnets
  • Designed with state-of the-art technology to maximize efficiency and pump performance, as well as maintain compliance with new and existing building codes
  • Embedded electronic drive (e-SM) dramatically extends working area of the pump to maximize flexibility and enhance system design Integrated pump solution eliminates need for separate components
  • Rated for 250°F and 175 PSI
  • Remote system monitoring
  • Pump design eliminates need for a stub-shaft or shaft sleeve, and incorporates EPR/carbon/silicon-carbide mechanical seal for long service life