RACINE, Wis. — Modine Mfg. Co., an HVAC technology provider, is continuing to showcase its commitment to providing K-12 schools with adequate, comfortable ventilation solutions with the launch of its Sentinel® High Humidity unit.

The Sentinel High Humidity is designed to provide accurate temperature and humidity control in humid climates, such as the Gulf Coast, with a dual coil/fan arrangement. With a dedicated outside air pretreatment coil, the unit is able to introduce dehumidified air into classrooms and provide high-quality ventilation.

“At Modine Manufacturing, one of our main goals is engineering cleaner, healthier air for K-12 schools through innovative HVAC solutions,” said Kimberly Raduenz, manager, strategic marketing for the IAQ division at Modine. “We want students to have the best environment possible to learn and grow. While our regular Airedale Sentinel Vertical Unit Ventilator is a great all-around product for classrooms across the nation, the Sentinel High Humidity addresses the specific needs of classrooms located in areas with higher moisture in the air. Thanks to the dual coil and dual fan arrangement, the Sentinel High Humidity can introduce clean, outside air into classrooms without high levels of moisture being an issue.”

The Sentinel High Humidity can dehumidify outside air up to 500 cfm thanks to the dedicated outside air pretreatment coil. With the coil, the outside air is dehumidified before being mixed into the return air and passed through the primary coil. In addition, for areas that may experience sub-freezing temperatures, a one-row hot water coil or electric heat help protect against freezing.

“Comfortable air inside classrooms plays a vital role in the students’ experience in K-12 facilities,” Raduenz said. “For schools in high humidity climates, a single six-row cooling coil may not be sufficient to provide the proper humidity control and maintain a comfortable room temperature in the classroom. The Sentinel High Humidity solves that problem using a dual coil and dual fan arrangement that offers accurate temperature and humidity control and adequate ventilation.”

For more information, visit www.modinehvac.com.