ST. LOUIS — Nidec’s new, award-winning, premium IE4/IE5 SynRA™ motor is now available integrated with the Nidec ID300 drive, allowing commercial HVAC contractors or building maintenance staff to connect to building automation. Called the ID300 Perfectspeed™, the product provides significant energy savings and low lifetime operation costs.

Nidec motors and drives are essential components in the operation and efficiency of air conditioning and heating equipment including furnaces, air handlers, heat pumps and condensers, as well as compressors in refrigeration. Nidec serves original equipment manufacturers and retrofitters; the company also provides aftermarket replacement motors.

“Delivering green technologies that meet or exceed standards for efficiency continues to be a high priority,” said Tim Schamel, president, Nidec Motor Corp. “Our HVACR and appliance division has more than 50 research and development labs dedicated to bringing innovative solutions such as our integrated motors and controls, synchronous motors, ECMs and variable speed motors. Contractors can feel confident they’re offering the industry’s best solutions to their commercial and residential customers.”

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