ST. LOUIS — Nu-Calgon has launched the Gallo Gun® Cannon, an inflatable drain opening accessory engineered to quickly and easily clear clogged ¾-inch PVC condensate drain lines through the existing ¾-inch tee. Designed to be used exclusively with Nu-Calgon’s Gallo Gun, the Cannon works with vent opening, access fittings, or tees installed on the HVAC drain line and ensures clogged drain lines get cleaned the right way every time.

The Gallo Gun Cannon inflatable drain opening accessory is ideal for ¾-inch PVC condensate drain lines. Simply drop the Cannon into the cleanout/vent tee on a drain line, push the trigger, and the Cannon will inflate, creating an airtight seal while the Gallo Gun instantly clears the clog in the drain line.

The patent pending Gallo Gun Cannon works with the Gallo Gun CO² drain opener along with Mag 20 20-gram cartridges or Mag 16 16-gram cartridges. For more information,