COLLINSVILLE, Okla. — In a major product expansion announced today, Victory Energy is adding four “Pro” Series product lines to the existing VISION burner product portfolio. This expansion allows Victory Energy to compete as a full line manufacturer of burners for both new and retrofit applications and is in response to customers seeking totally vertically integrated burner and boiler systems.

The four new additions to the VISION burner line are designed for specific user applications.

The VISION ProFlex™ Series offers an extensive line of burner solutions that are well suited for new and retrofit burners for industrial boiler and high temperature hot water applications.   VISION ProFlex burners are fully integrated with Victory Energy Watertube VOYAGER®, DISCOVERY® Boilers, and GENESIS® HTHW. ProFlex burners come in three different configurations (LN, ULN, and ELN) that offer outstanding emissions reduction metrics in new or retrofit applications.

The VISION ProSelect™ Series is designed for use with the Victory Energy FRONTIER firetube product offering. Seven ProSelect models are offered in standardized design packages.   They encompass the entire FRONTIER product line – from 100- to 2,500-HP ranges. Two configurations are available to address specific customer sustainability initiatives — LN (Low NOx) and ULN (Ultra Low NOx).

The VISION ProPlus™ Duct Burner Series is offered for use in heat recovery applications.  These engineered-to-order units are available in six different model configurations (billion Btu/hr capacity) and feature low emissions with excellent temperature distribution.

The VISION ProMax™ Burner Series is best suited for burner applications in the processing industry. The line is comprised of 12 models with standardized designs — 30-425 MMBtu/hr. capacity. Ultra-low emissions without FGR allow for significant potential sustainability gains.

“The addition of these four new products to the already successful VISION product offering is a direct statement to the market about our business intention to be the preeminent player in the burner segment,” said Vijay Mandayam, vice president, combustion and corporate innovation, Victory Energy. “Our VISION burner line is far broader and addresses all key user applications.  We’re well positioned to support our valued rep partners and customers with a full line of burner solutions.”

“As customers are increasingly seeking vertically integrated burner and boiler systems, it is important we deliver a vertically integrated package that provides both performance and sustainability metrics,” said John Viskup, president and CEO, Victory Energy. “No company better understands the dynamics of how boilers and burners interact together. This learning has been applied against all of these new product configurations. Having a steam test facility where our burners and boilers operate all the time informs much of our design thinking. Our ability to manufacture both burner and boilers under one roof mitigates supply chain issues and delivery disruptions that the burner industry has encountered over the past three years.”

All new VISION Pro Series burner units are immediately available for specification on new projects or existing retrofit applications. For more information,