HINGHAM, Mass. — Russelectric, a Siemens business, a manufacturer of power control systems and automatic transfer switches, highlights its range of Russelectric® automatic transfer switches with bypass/isolation, which allows the transfer switch portion to be isolated and de-energized for maintenance, testing, or repair. The Russelectric RTS-30 Series and Russelectric RTS-03 Series transfer switches provide all the functions of a Russelectric automatic transfer switch plus the ability to bypass power from a live source to load in the event the transfer switch is disabled. 

Russelectric RTS-30 Series automatic transfer switches with manual bypass/isolation are a complete line of 480 VAC 30-cycle and 3-cycle UL tested switches. They have been fully tested, listed, and labeled for 30-cycle and three-cycle closing and withstand ratings under UL-1008. Full draw-out construction allows safe and easy removal of the transfer switch, eliminating the need to make any electrical or mechanical disconnections. Russelectric offers both fail-safe and maintenance bypass switch designs.

Built rugged for long life, minimum maintenance, and trouble-free service, the RTS-30 Series features contact assemblies designed to handle the rigors of 30-cycle closing and withstand performance and offer exceptional arc- and track-resistance. The main contact pad material is designed to prevent overheating, and stationary contact pad material prevents welding during high fault current conditions.

Also offered are Russelectric RTS-03 Series transfer switches with manual bypass/isolation, which have some of the highest three-cycle closing and withstand ratings for 480 VAC or less of any switches available today. All Russelectric RTS-03 Series automatic transfer switches have been fully tested for three-cycle closing and withstand ratings under UL-1008. When coordinated with current limiting fuses, Russelectric RTS-03 Series transfer switches have UL listed closing and withstand ratings of 200,000 amperes, at 480 VAC. 

Russelectric RTS-03 and RTS-30 Series transfer switch contacts are machined from solid copper and feature tungsten arcing tips. All mechanical assemblies, linkages, and connecting rods are purpose-built and precision-machined in-house. Mechanical linkages are sturdy anodized steel rods with aircraft-style ball joint fittings. For more information, visit: https://usa.siemens.com/bypassswitches