PITTSBURGH — As digital transformation drives connectivity in operational technology (OT) systems, this infrastructure can form a vast attack surface from which cybercriminals can gain access. Eaton is expanding its suite of cybersecurity services and leveraging its global partnership with Tenable® Inc. to help customers identify the vulnerabilities that put operations at risk and take steps to protect their businesses. Eaton established new customer experience sites around the world to showcase how these cybersecurity strategies should be deployed. 

“Cybersecurity is the foundation, and a critical capability, that is essential to create trusted environments in our hyper-connected world,” said Reid Vance, director of cybersecurity services at Eaton. “In the past, OT systems were often cut off from communications networks to minimize vulnerabilities. Today, that’s both impossible and insufficient to support secure environments.” 

Eaton cybersecurity services help global customers secure their systems using a defensive approach based on industry standards and best practices, including personnel training programs, an initial audit, analysis, and life cycle management for ongoing protection against evolving cybersecurity threats.  

“The first step is assessing the OT ecosystem. Knowing what you have, whether it’s connected, and how to protect it is critical. Now, customers around the world can visit our cybersecurity customer experience sites to understand how to secure the production environment,” added Vance.

The Eaton cybersecurity demonstrations showcase how assessments and protective measures are applied in greenfield and brownfield sites at Eaton facilities, including: 


For more information, visit https://www.eaton.com/us/en-us/catalog/services/cybersecurity-services.html