SHEFFIELD LAKE, Ohio — National Comfort Institute (NCI) and The Energy Conservatory (TEC) are partnering to provide high-end performance tools and instruments to the HVAC and building performance industries.

As a result, TEC joins the ranks of partners in the NCI member rewards program and will join the NCI team in Branson, Missouri, as part of the High-Performance HVAC Summit 2023.

As part of this partnership, effective immediately, NCI will no longer directly sell tools and instruments through its own website. The organization’s members and students from their training classes will be able to purchase TEC tools and instruments directly from the TEC

website, especially their Digital TrueFlow® Solution. TEC will provide special discounts as well as fast and free shipping to NCI members and students.

NCI will continue selling resale products and proprietary support materials, including CO monitors, duct saddles, clipboards, labels and tags, and brochures, through its website. They will also continue to sell hats, shirts, mugs, and other NCI-branded products through its swag


“National Comfort Institute is always on the lookout for superior test instruments for our members and students,” said Dominick Guarino, president, NCI. “TEC’s Digital TrueFlow kits are among those. Of course, NCI supports all The Energy Conservatory’s testing

products. Furthermore, we are excited to be part of this partnership because of Energy Conservatory’s recognition and support of our advanced HVAC training.”

“We are excited to be partnering with NCI,” said Steve Rogers, president, TEC. “They built their reputation by providing a structured process for delivering high-performance HVAC systems with a focus on air-side analysis. Our partnership enhances the process with the right set of measurement tools to make it easier and faster. Key among them is the new Digital TrueFlow grid and DG-8 micromanometer focused on residential HVAC airflow. By working closely together, NCI and TEC are delivering not only a simpler approach and more confidence in the analysis — we are also providing reports to help contractors justify the work and get paid to do the right job to solve occupants comfort issues.”

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