HINWIL, Switzerland — Belimo’s new 22PDP-585 and 22PDP-588 active sensors (4...20 mA / 0...5 V / 0...10 V) are designed for wet-to-wet differential pressure measurement utilizing remote sensors in HVAC systems. The sensors are suitable for water and water-glycol mixtures.

The 22PDP reduces installation time and material costs with external sensors by connecting the high- and low-side sensors at the measurement point. The hinged cover and spring-loaded terminal block save wiring time and ensure reliable contact. The enclosure is NEMA 4X / IP65 rated and offers an LCD.

The units are designed to simplify installation, commissioning, and operation through:

–    Housing with separate mounting plate for straightforward, easy wall mounting;

–    Remote pressure transmitters eliminate the need for impulse tubes;

–    Removable terminal block for efficient wiring;

–    Output signals, pressure ranges, and other configurable options selectable directly from the unit;

–    Settings and measurement data are visible; and

–    Manual zero-point adjustment.


Their applications are versatile

–    Flexible installation with remote pressure transmitters;

–    Various on-site configuration options;

–    Integrated LCD for parametrization and pressure indication;

–    Four selectable pressure ranges within the maximum pressure range;

–    Available output signals 4…20 mA, 0…5/10 V; and

–    UL Certification.


For more information, visit www.belimo.com.