MANITOWOC, Wis. — HereShield, a spray-on, air-dry coating is the latest product introduction by Heresite Protective Coatings, a provider of HVACR corrosion protection. Formulated as a direct-to-metal coating, this low-volatile organic compound (VOC) product exhibits corrosion and UV resistance, adhesion, and weathering qualities in coastal and industrial environments.

“Our reputation requires us to clear a high bar,” said Kayla Oehldrich, sales and marketing manager, Heresite. “Heresite is committed to defining performance in every environment. Therefore, creating a ‘me too’ product was not good enough. It had to be better, markedly better. Our products are and have always been about providing quality performance in every environment. Our entry into the sustainable coating market comes with the confidence that HereShield’s performance meets not just our quality standards, but the standards of those who know and appreciate the Heresite brand.

“This single-component coating is specially formulated for marine and saltwater environments and is most often applied to the external surface of HVAC heat exchangers and related equipment,” she continued. “It’s proven to withstand 15,000 hours in salt spray with 1,500 hours of resistance to UV and 5,000 hours of resistance to humidity.”

Saltwater and sea spray are not the only harsh environments against which HereShield protects, however. It is splash-resistant to many acids and inorganic salts, Oehldrich said, from mineral spirits, acetone and sulfuric and hydrochloric acid to sodium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide and bleach.

Available in two colors — gray and Heresite’s signature brown — HereShield is sold in 1- and 5-gallon containers, direct from manufacturer to user. The Heresite-brown version of HereShield replaces VR-514 in the company’s product line. For more information, visit