ST. LOUIS — Emerson launched its White-Rogers™ 50M56X-843 universal single stage hot surface ignition (HSI) integrated furnace control, a control that offers the first single-stage universal replacement that can be configured for either PSC or ECMx blower motors. 

The HSI furnace control offers the ability to replace more than 550 part numbers with only one control, reducing inventory by providing maximum control replacement coverage. With no additional harnesses required, this universal control utilizes the existing OEM harnesses, providing contactors an easier installation process.

The control is equipped with innovative features, including near field communication (NFC), which creates a wireless connection between the control and a mobile device. Using the White-Rogers Connect mobile app, the control allows contractors to quickly configure the control, without power, and provide accurate diagnostics with full fault code text and troubleshooting tips. A new feature within the app is called Auto-Set, which allows users enter the replacement part number to automatically configure the HSI furnace control to the replacement part’s original settings. Hundreds of OEM settings have been preloaded into the app to take the guesswork out of configuration.

“The White-Rodgers universal HSI integrated furnace control is the ultimate universal single-stage replacement for both PSC and ECMx blower motors that allows contractors to carry fewer parts and make more replacements without having to return to the warehouse or distributor, saving time and money,” said Craig Rossman, president, White-Rodgers for Emerson. “Through the combination of our new furnace control and White-Rogers Connect, the installation process is now simple and hassle-free.”

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