SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Fujitsu Components America Inc. introduced a mesh unit (tag) with built-in Wirepas Mesh 2.4GHz network connectivity for IoT applications, including asset tracking in hospitals, offices, warehouses, factories, and other environments. When used with Fujitsu’s IoT connectivity anchors, sensor nodes, or USB dongle products, the FWM8BLZ14T mesh tag enables the creation of large-scale, high-density networks under autonomous network rerouting, despite device failure or changes in the network environment.

The IP67-rated tag is water resistant, so stains, particles, and liquids (such as chemicals, medications, and blood) may be washed off without risk of damage. The configuration of its battery housing (patent-pending) facilitates easy battery replacement by end users as well as contributes to environmentally friendly, sustainable use through its design.

Other design elements also make the unit a highly appropriate fit for implementation in medical and other environments. The white color is suitable for hospitals, offices, and schools. A thickness of only 5.8 mm permits placement between stacked equipment, and two screw holes allow for three options: direct mounting of the tag by itself, mounting using an optional bracket to securely attach the tag to the desired location, or utilizing the hole to attach the tag with a strap or lanyard. If screws are not used, the screw holes may be sealed with fitted white or colored plugs for identification purposes.

Additional features of the FWM8BLZ14T include an embedded pattern antenna, a carrier frequency of 2,400MHz to 2,483.5MHz, a modulation/symbol rate of GFSK/1 Mbps, and the ability to operate at temperature and humidity levels of minus 30°C to 70° and 20%-80% RH, respectively. A new push switch functionality allows the unit to be used to convey crisis messages, trigger alarms, or locate individuals (for instance, hospital staff if they are needed to handle an emergency). The tag operates on 40 channels, with spacing of 2 MHz, leveraging a coin cell lithium battery (CR3032, not included). Dimensions are 52.8 mm x 35.9 mm x 5.8 mm.

Samples are available in December 2022 and orders will be accepted in January 2023. For more information, visit