HOUSTON — RectorSeal LLC, a manufacturer of HVACR and plumbing accessories and a wholly owned subsidiary of CSW Industrials Inc., introduced a trio of patented and UL®-recognized SSP Series Safe-T-Switch® units rated for plenum installations.

A gray color unit body quickly identifies the SS1P, SS2P, and SS3P as plenum-rated products. Installed using a six-foot-long, plenum-rated, 18 gauge wire, all units quickly connect to the thermostat wiring on the indoor HVAC unit. 

RectorSeal's Safe-T-Switch product series features the industry's only patented, code-compliant condensate overflow switches with a built-in, easy-access, external, hand-ratcheting float that adjusts without uninstalling or cap removal. The corrosion-resistant ratchet's adjustability also helps prevent the lightweight, rigid foam polypropylene float's contact with the base bottom or drain pan, where bio-growth build-ups can affect buoyancy and reliability.

Designed for primary drain lines, the SS1P has a float assembly sensitivity that can be adjusted without removing the top cover and allows installation on a slope up to 45 degrees. The top cover removes easily using the tapered cam locks, enabling inspection of the float switch and access to use the included cleanout tool to clear drain lines. It's compatible with RectorSeal's Mighty Pump™, LineShot™, and the A/C Drain Foot Pump™.

The plenum-rated SS2P float switch is installed as a primary drain pan auxiliary outlet. It can detect clogged condensate drains and safely shut off the HVAC system to avoid potential water damage. As an additional feature, the top cover does not need to be removed to adjust the float sensitivity. 

Plenum-rated and designed for primary and auxiliary drain pans, the SS3P float switch detects clogged condensate drains and shuts off the HVAC system avoiding potential water damage. The unit's slim profile allows for installation on primary or auxiliary drain pans.  Bracket mounts offer secure over-the-edge installation on most drain pans ranging between 1 and 2 inches in size. Thumbscrews make installation both fast and secure. For more information, visit www.rectorseal.com