Tim Morales & Associates Inc., a Mobile, Alabama-based HVACR manufacturers’ rep., boasts seven decades of service.

The company, which currently employs 20 individuals, prides itself on its longstanding, deep industry relationships and passion for delivering outstanding service.

“From the facilities personnel to design and contracting communities, we are fully committed to assist throughout a project's life cycle,” said company president, Tim Morales. “This includes pre-design surveys to engineering, installation, commissioning, and post-sale support — we’re all in.”

The firm was founded by Morales’s parents in Nashville in 1957. Sixty-five years later, the company continues to promote the heating and cooling solutions necessary to keep America comfortable.

“We hold ourselves to Joe and Grace Morales’ high standards and expectations, putting a strong emphasis on customer service,” Morales said. “So, whether it’s a wholesaler, an engineer, an architect, a contractor, or whoever calls, our customer service team helps and assists them every step of the way.”

Much like Tim Morales & Associates Inc., SRS Enterprises Inc. is known for offering a plethora of HVACR industry expertise, albeit from the opposite corner of the country.

“Our company is dedicated to technical excellence,” said Ben Lyddane, sales engineer, SRS Enterprises, whose 60 employees promote products from Condair, Danfoss, Modine, and many others. “We strive to be the best technical resource for all of our clients and have the years of experience to back it up. We stand behind all our products and never walk away from a project.”

Having degreed sales engineers on staff, the company features a full complement of products and expertise that can satisfy any building market segment, regardless if the applications demands air or wet side solutions.

“The company’s response time is unparalleled,” said an engineering customer of SRS Enterprises. “Just knowing that SRS is working on something is enough to reduce my stress on a project. They’re punctual, communicative, and knowledgeable.”

Ambassadors of Efficiency

While often overlooked, manufacturers’ representatives exist to keep the engineering community current with the latest technologies; equipment costs; delivery times; and more through shop drawing submittals, equipment startup, operation, and maintenance (O&M) manuals, training sessions, equipment warranties, and more.

Manufacturers’ representatives, such as Tim Morales & Associates Inc. and SRS Enterprises Inc., are essential elements of the engineering community and, Engineered Systems was honored to recognize their achievements in our inaugural Ambassadors of Efficiency contest. 

This publication aims to recognize these unheralded industry stalwarts yet again, through our second-annual Ambassadors of Efficiency Manufacturers’ Reps. of the Year contest. The contest was built to recognize reps with outstanding business plans — those who are not only good at moving equipment but also excel at providing training, maintaining strong relationships, and ensuring the supply chain pipeline remains stronger than steel.

Do you work with an exemplary manufacturers' rep. that is dedicated to providing the best of the best on every project? If so, let the industry know how much you value their partnership by anonymously nominating them for this award. Let’s be sure to give these firms — the true ambassadors of efficiency — the recognition they deserve.

Winners will be announced in the May 2023 issue of Engineered Systems. Nominations are due by Feb. 24, 2023. For more information, or to submit your nomination, visit https://www.esmagazine.com/ambassadors-of-efficiency-manufacturer-reps-of-the-year.