HOLME, Denmark — Johnson Controls Inc., a global provider of smart, healthy, and sustainable buildings, introduced its Sabroe HicaHP (high-capacity heat pumps) family of products. The high-capacity heat pump portfolio includes six modular, industrial heat pump products designed to decarbonize in various applications ranging from district heating to data centers and battery manufacturing sites to food processing plants.


Pioneering heat pump technology

“What makes the new Sabroe HicaHP line stand out is a screw compressor that expands upon decades of highly efficient performance,” said Ian Reynell, executive director of product management and commercial excellence, Johnson Controls. “This family of products utilizes a high-capacity screw compressor developed specially for high-pressure heat pump applications. The compressor features a robust rotor construction in a design that ensures reliability, low deflection, high efficiency, and long service life.”

The heat pumps also use ammonia as the refrigerant, making it possible to reach capacities up to 25 MW and required temperatures up to 95°C while providing outstanding part-load performance and maximum operating flexibility. The natural refrigerant is highly efficient, low cost, and the only refrigerant with the lowest global warming potential (GWP) value and ozone depletion potential (ODP): zero.

In addition to high efficiency and outstanding performance, the line of heat pumps is designed for long service intervals, extending uptime while reducing maintenance and total cost of ownership.

“The inherent ability of heat pumps to deliver heating and cooling without combustion is essential as companies and municipalities race toward net zero goals,” said Reynell. “The new Sabroe HicaHP family makes it possible for a range of sectors and industries to move away from fossil fuels toward electrification and renewable sources of energy.”  

The new Sabroe HicaHP family of products are the result of intensive, pioneering research. Following up on its commitment to leading-edge innovation, Johnson Controls is upgrading its test laboratory with an expanded site for heat pump development in Holme, Denmark. In addition to the Sabroe HicaHP family of products, Johnson Controls will further highlight its expertise in industrial refrigeration by showcasing Sabroe HeatPAC heat pumps, Sabroe UniSAB 4 controllers and their integration into OpenBlue, designed to assist with meeting customer’s energy efficiency needs. Johnson Controls representatives will explain how the company’s industrial refrigeration portfolio offers custom solutions to deliver low cost of ownership using low-GWP refrigerants.


A heritage of industrial refrigeration excellence

The launch of the new Sabroe HicaHP coincides with the 125th anniversary of the Sabroe brand. Sabroe first came to market in 1897 in Denmark, with a high-performing refrigeration machine produced in a small company founded by engineer Thomas Ths. Sabroe in Aarhus. Sabroe has since developed into a trusted, global brand that has increased sales year-over-year by consistently providing customers with reliable and sustainable refrigeration solutions. Johnson Controls, a leading manufacturer of industrial cooling and heating systems with one of the broadest portfolios in the world, acquired Sabroe in 2005. To learn more, visit https://www.johnsoncontrols.com/da_dk.