ST. LOUIS — Nu-Calgon launched the Gallo Gun®, a lightweight, portable tool designed to blow out clogged or slow-moving condensate drain lines instantly. Simply insert a Mag™ 16 or Mag™ 20 Gallo Gun CO2 cartridge into the Gallo Gun, and with a press of the trigger, oil-free food-grade air clears the line.

The patent pending housing of the Gallo Gun is designed to fit either the Mag 20 20-gram cartridge or the Mag 16 16-gram cartridge. Simply unthread the reversible dual fit base, flip 180 degrees, and re-thread the housing to fit either a 20- or a 16-gram cartridge. The Gallo Gun can also fit most competitive 16-gram cartridges.

The rugged, all-metal trigger system and custom-molded body makes the Nu-Calgon Gallo Gun both durable and lightweight. The flexible, easy-to-use hose assembly enables the user to maneuver through cabinets, coils, and hard-to-reach drains. For more information,