MERRILLVILLE, Ind. — Introducing: The Geo-Chiller, designed to save on natural gas in full-service restaurants. The unit can pre-heat the hot water 10°F and cool the kitchen air about 10° in a hot kitchen using a ¼-hp motor.

When we used a motor as our fan, we discovered that it cost too much energy to operate our system. The kWh were too great for the system, therefore the motor was eliminated and energy was captured. In the flow of water, a hydro turbine fan is used to power the system.

See below calculation:
 (Energy available to do some work.)
 dp: 50 psi = 3.447 bar = 344700 pa
 flow: 12 Gpm = 0.757 liters/s = 0.757E-3 m^3/s
 Water power = flow x dp = 0.757E-3 x 344700 = 261 W


The custom system is in series with the cold-water supply line of the hot water tank. (Every time the hot water is used, the system is activated). The fluid pressure drop is a concern. The heat exchanger = 0.6 psi. A Hydro fan with 6 psi pressure drop or less could be designed, which would be expected, considering 50 psi or greater are used around the country.

The Hydro turbine unit would have to be made for potable water requirements. Whatever RPM or torque is achieved, a gearbox can be utilized for the fan, replacing the electric motor.

The patent was issued May 17, and the claims are very strong and broad. For more information, contact Bob Biancardi at