SAN FRANCISCO — Engineering is a vast and diverse field, featuring core subjects such as science, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and technology, and general conceptual subjects, such as history and language. Engineering jobs are tough and require working in challenging settings. The nature of the work is complex and requires extensive knowledge and understanding of a plethora of tools and equipment.

Engineering salary averages are higher than the salary averages of many other professions, partly because most engineer jobs are tough and require working in challenging settings that are complex and need extensive knowledge. To get the most out of engineering, picking a job that is valued in current times is crucial.

Scholaroo, a scholarship engine website, attempts to contribute and help future engineers to make an informed decision by centralizing the 2022’s 15 Highest-Paying Engineering Jobs along with their corresponding projected job growth, unemployment rate, and average annual openings.


15 Highest-Paying Engineering Jobs

1. Petroleum Engineer — $130,850

2. Computer Hardware Engineer — $128,170

3. Aerospace Engineer — $122,270

4. Nuclear Engineer — $120,380

5. Chemical Engineer — $105,550

6. Electronics Engineer — $104,820

7. Sales Engineer — $103,710

8. Electrical Engineer — $100,420

9. Health and Safety Engineer — $99,040

10. Materials Engineer — $98,300

11. Biomedical Engineer — $97,410

12. Mining and Geological Engineer — $97,090

13. Environmental Engineer — $96,820

14. Industrial Engineer — $95,300

15. Mechanical Engineer — $95,300


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