HARTVILLE, Ohio — Renewable Lubricants introduces Bio-Rust Preventative Fluid, a bio-based formulation that is environmentally nontoxic, free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and highly effective at inhibiting corrosion on ferrous and galvanized steel. This non-staining, water-displacing formulation provides a waxy film that is especially effective in protecting ferrous materials in salt and acid-fume (hydrochloric acid) environments and against humidity.  Specially designed biodegradable Bio-Rust Preventative meets the corrosion protection film form MIL-PRF-16173, Class II, Grade 3. They are ideal for metalworking applications, where excellent in-house corrosion protection and easy cleaning of parts is essential. 

Bio-Rust Preventative provides more than 120 hours of protection in HCI acid Fume test, and greater than 80 hours in a 5% salt spray (fog) ASTM D117 test. Additional Renewable Lubricants products are available to meet other corrosion inhibition applications.

In addition to corrosion protection, these products are used as non-chlorinated metalworking fluids that provide extreme pressure, anti-wear, and lubricity performance in stamping and drawing applications. They can also be used as wire rope and chain lubricants. For more information, visit www.renewablelube.com.