ATLANTA — Rheem®, a global manufacturer of water heating and HVACR products, announces the launch of Rheem IKONIC™, a high-efficiency. condensing gas, tankless water heater. This new product line elevates the industry standard for energy efficient, environmentally friendly water heating products while offering end users smart control.

Rheem IKONIC delivers a 0.96 UEF, resulting in up to a 36% reduction in energy use and carbon footprint and up-to 65% reduction in NOx emissions. Also featuring a built-in recirculation pump (SR models), Rheem IKONIC offers users no wait access to continuous hot water, preventing up-to 12,000 gallons of water from being wasted down the drain each year. 

With integrated Wi-Fi Technology, Rheem IKONIC provides users with complete control of the unit from anywhere. This includes temperature adjustments, energy usage tracking, and modifying recirculation modes — all from a smart phone with the EcoNet® Mobile App.

In addition to the positive environmental impact, cost savings from the reduced energy and water consumption of Rheem IKONIC has the potential to pay for itself in less than three years. The line is Energy Star-certified and qualifies for many state and local rebate programs, while the unit’s super high energy efficiency can help homeowners save up-to $1,650 over a 15-year period, in energy costs. The built-in recirculation pump, featured in SR models of Rheem IKONIC, offers another layer of potential savings, which can translate to more than $1,000 in reduced water costs over 15 years.  

“The launch of Rheem IKONIC marks an exciting moment for our company and the industry overall,” said Patrick McLaughlin, tankless product manager at Rheem. “Rheem IKONIC combines high efficiency and sustainability with all the durability and functionality that a homeowner needs.”  

Rheem IKONIC also includes an exceptional turn down ratio (TDR), allowing it to achieve tighter control over temperature output, even during periods of low demand. Recirculation settings can be adjusted with a timer-based, custom schedule or on-demand options that help users juggle household tasks like laundry and dishes, without having to compromise on the timing of baths or showers. Additionally, Rheem’s Exclusive Hot Start Programming™ keeps the water heater in a ready state for five minutes between back-to-back usage, helping to mitigate cold-water bursts that can occur from other tankless products.  

As with every Rheem product, development of Rheem IKONIC included direct feedback from plumbers resulting in unique service and installation features designed to improve tank-to-tankless replacements, installation, and service calls. Rheem IKONIC has the flexibility to leverage longer vent runs, the ability to use room air intake, capabilities for flex venting in existing B-vents, and the ability to run on a half-inch gas line. These features, paired with the industry’s best half-inch side-to-side clearance requirements, allow for a cleaner, faster, and easier installation in a wider variety of locations.

“We worked with Rheem to test this product in the field prior to launch, installing about seven units, and our customers have been incredibly happy with the performance of the water heater and the energy bill savings it provides,” noted Josh Wynn, lead service tech at TE Certified. “We also found that the Rheem IKONIC models were easy to install with great access to water lines, gas and condensate connections, while the clearance on the side of the unit ensures easier installations in tight spaces.”

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