DAVIDSON, N.C. — Trane – by Trane Technologies, a global climate innovator – has released the Ascend® Air-to-Water Heat Pump Model ACX, the first air-to-water pump solution in its portfolio that provides both electric heating and cooling, giving building owners an avenue to pursue decarbonization via electrification.

Trane’s Ascend air-to-water heat pump model ACX combines chiller and heat pump technology to both heat and cool a building using electricity. In cooling mode, the model ACX moves heat from inside the building to the outside. In heating mode, a reversing valve changes the flow of energy to bring heat from outside of the building to the inside. The heat pump moves heat using a compressor, rather than simply generating heat. This technique can make heat pumps extremely energy efficient.

“Over 180 cities, more than 10 counties, and eight states across the U.S. have goals to power their communities with 100% clean, renewable energy,” said Dave Molin, vice president of Trane product management, equipment, controls and digital. “As the grid gets greener, the need for full electric heating and cooling is growing. Engineers, contractors, and building owners want to lower fossil fuel consumption and reap the efficiency and sustainability benefits of electrified heating and cooling. By joining Trane’s chiller expertise with the Ascend air-to-water heat pump, Trane is making electrified heating and cooling a realistic option for customers.”

As a result of its boiler-free heating, the model ACX achieves high energy efficiency for cooling and heating. The unit’s heating efficiency exceeds ASHRAE® standard 90.1-2019: 2.77 COP for heating and a cooling requirement of 9.215 EER.

The Ascend model ACX can help builders and operators meet current HVAC regulations, attain certifications, or achieve a net-zero energy building with its all-electric functionality and other energy-efficient features.

  • Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) compliant;
  • Variable-speed fans, variable-speed permanent magnet motors, intermediate discharge valves on the compressor, and braze plate evaporators enhance efficiency;
  • Dual expansion refrigerant flow valves optimized for heating and cooling modes enable system reliability;
  • The heat pump generates hot water temperatures up to 140°F and operation down to 0° ambient;
  • The Symbio® 800 unit controller comes factory-mounted and pre-programmed with algorithms that respond to building conditions and maintain efficient chiller plant operations. It also enables secure remote connectivity and open standard protocols for seamless integration with a building automation system (BAS), such as Tracer® SC+;
  • A scroll compressor makes electrification more affordable and practical without compromising efficiency or sound; and
  • The fin and tube coil support a smaller footprint, and the transverse “V” condenser coils are easy to access for cleaning and service.

Trane’s free “Comprehensive Chiller-Heater System” guide, available now for downloadprovides best practices on integrating the heat pump with chillers and configuring its controls. In addition, the guide includes modes, tables, and control sequences users can incorporate into system designs. For more information, visit www.trane.com.