CRANSTON, R.I. — Taco Comfort Solutions® has expanded its family of easy-to-use, high-efficiency ECM circulators with the addition of the 0026e. With a maximum of 26 feet of head and 44 gpm, the new variable-speed circulators offer significant savings. 

These circulators are available with cast iron or NSF/ANSI 61- and 372-certified stainless steel volutes, ideal for either closed-loop heating systems or domestic hot water systems. The circulator offers a convenient, rotatable control box for a professional look, no matter the orientation of the installed circulator.

The easily installed, easily programmed 0026e circulator features five simple settings: low, medium, high, Taco’s exclusive activeADAPT® self-adjusting proportional pressure, and 0-10v control. Its variable-speed performance curves are equivalent to Taco’s 0010, 0011, 0012, 0012, and 0014 models. Ideal for large residential and light commercial hydronic heating, chilled water cooling, and domestic hot water systems, the circulator is dual-voltage 115V/230V and the 6.5-inch, rotated flange-to-flange dimension retrofits most circulators in its class.

The new circulator includes exclusive features that make Taco’s ECM high-efficiency circulators easy to use, including SureStart®automatic unblocking and air purging, BIO Barrier®black iron oxide protection, dual electrical knockouts, 6-inch stranded leads, and recessed flange nut-grabbers for easier fit up. For more information,