LEESBURG, V.A. — REHAU announces the release of REHAU Aspekt+TM 1800, an addition to the Aspekt 1800 casement window portfolio, featuring a strength-enhancing sash in the company’s innovative RAU-FIPRO® glass-fiber reinforced PVC material. The new Aspekt+ 1800 is designed to meet stringent Passive House requirements while addressing the growing demand for larger windows in residential and commercial construction.

Aspekt+ 1800 is an outswing casement window solution that provides superior thermal comfort, acoustic insulation, and structural performance. Offering a modern design aesthetic in a wide range of colors, Aspekt+ 1800 allows fabricators to build units for up to 30% larger openings with stability and torsional rigidity. Use of the advanced material combined with preexisting REHAU proprietary, co-extruded triple-seal technology limits thermal conduction and ensures a tight frame-to-sash seal with a significantly reduced U-value. 

“We designed Aspekt+ 1800 to provide excellent value and meet Passive House building requirements,” said Katherine MacNevin, marketing manager with REHAU’s window solutions division in North America. “Its energy efficiency, noise insulation, durability, and superior weatherability make this window system the choice for both developers and owners who are seeking to create a sustainable and enjoyable building.”

The Aspekt frame is built with REHAU’s proprietary North American PVC formulation combined with a sophisticated multi-chambered design and a proprietary triple-seal technology. The new sash – comprising a UV-resistant PVC outer layer and a glass-fiber reinforced PVC inner core – enables Aspekt+ 1800 to outperform alternative casements. With a 3 ¼-inch (83-mm) frame depth and 1 11/16-inch (43-mm) glazing capacity, the system is designed to achieve U-values down to 0.14, STC ratings up to 42 dB, OITC 34 and structural NAFS ratings up to CW-PG100. Contributing to an optimal fabrication process and consistent sightlines from fixed to operable units are the system’s capabilities for direct-set glazing and multi-lite configurations within one continuous frame.

Windows and doors made with RAU-FIPRO, including REHAU Aspekt+ 1800 casement and REHAU Geneo® 4700 tilt-turn, have built-in structural integrity to go larger than standard PVC units without steel inserts that detract from thermal performance. Designed to meet stringent Passive House requirements, these systems contribute to ultra-tight building envelopes and are resilient in the face of North American weather challenges with stabile profiles that are designed to expand and contract less than PVC.  

Releasing in summer 2022, the new system will join the original all-PVC Aspekt 1800 design, both of which are available in 3 ¼-, 3 3/8-, and 3 ½-inch (83-, 86-, and 89-mm) frame depths for convenient installation in various wall constructions. The expanding REHAU Aspekt line covers a broader range of performance options for casement, awning, and fixed configurations. Available in several PVC colors, frame, and sash profiles can also be painted or laminated with solid color or wood-grain foils. Aspekt designs accept a variety of screen solutions including FlexScreen. For more information, visitwww.na.rehau.com/aspektplus.