BUFFALO GROVE, Illinois — Knipex Tools offers a new ANSI-compliant tethering system and 1,000-V insulated tools for its tethered tools and attachments line. The additions include one ANSI-rated lanyard, two adapter straps and seven 1000V insulated tools.

The Knipex tethering system includes a captive eye to keep the ANSI-compliant lanyard (38 inches in length) secured to the carabiner as well as a self-locking gate to prevent any unintentional opening. The ANSI-compliant adapter straps (13 inches in length) offer multiple ways to attach to personnel including from a belt, wrist, or harness. 

The tethered tool system provides effective protection against accidents and damage caused by falling tools. The tether attachment is welded onto the multi-grip handles for stable mounting and can hold a maximum tool load of 3.3 pounds. The lanyards are made of gathered fabric that expands to 5 feet when under strain.

“The tethered tool program allows contractors to work safely when working from high areas,” said Peter A. Grable, senior product manager, Knipex Tools. “Being struck by a falling object is the third leading cause of workplace fatalities and many accidents are preventable. Our tethered system offers versatile applications and reliability with our wide range of pliers and accessories.”

In addition to the ANSI-compliant tethering system, Knipex has rolled out insulated tethered tools as well. Each pair of pliers is rigorously tested and undergoes a dielectric strength at 10,000 V AC. The insulated tools include long nose pliers with cutter, high-leverage Diagonal Cutting Pliers, Cobra® Water Pump Plier, Cable Shears, and Diagonal Cutters. The tethered tools have a broad range of uses from construction, civil engineering to industrial climbing. 

Learn more about the KNIPEX Tethered Tool Program here.