DEXTER, Mich. — Q.E.D. Environmental Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of innovative environmental products and subsidiary of Graco Inc., highlights its Well Wizard ST1000, which provides the high sample accuracy and proven reliability of QED’s Well Wizard dedicated bladder pumps in a smaller diameter format. The sampling device is the heart of every low-flow groundwater monitoring system. This is why the ST1000, which features depth and durable construction, is designed to provide tremendous value to organizations with these systems.

The ST1000, being 0.80 inch (20 mm) OD, can sample wells as small as 1 inch in diameter at depths over 600 feet (183m). Further, an end user can sample wells at almost unlimited depth with its optional drop tube inlet kit. This pump also fits larger wells with partial obstruction.

The product of QED’s decades of experience and service, this pump proves reliable in many environments, and the long life of the bladder provides years of reliable operation. The pump has a 316 stainless steel construction and uses QED’s exclusive DuraFlex PTFS bladder formulation. The pump also uses a QED twin bonded tubing, specifically, HDPE that is either teflon-lined or all teflon.

The pump has an operating pressure of up to 300 psi. It also supports flow rates up to 474 milliliters per minute (ml/min). Further, the pump achieves low flow sampling accuracy that is EPA-accepted.

These pneumatic bladder pumps are specifically designed for superior low-flow sampling performance. They operate with a unique, gentle action ideal for low-flow sampling. Their timed on/off cycles of compressed air also alternately squeeze the flexible bladder to displace water out of the pump, and then release it to allow the pump to refill by submergence. This all occurs without creating any disturbance that could affect sample chemistry.

These pumps run easily at low rates for extended times without having problems associated with other pumps on the market. For example, there is no overheating of high-speed electric pump motors, a problem that can alter samples and ruin pumps. There is also no churning action, which is seen in bailers or inertial-lift samplers that increase turbidity. Degassing of dissolved volatile contaminants is also avoided, as there is no suction. Moreover, the pump helps protect against disturbance or the risk of cross contamination, as the bladder prevents contact between the pump drive air and the sample, and the down well equipment is permanently dedicated to each well. For more information,