Twenty-five manufacturer’s reps across five regions (Northeast, Northwest, Midwest, Southeast, and Southwest) represent the inaugural Ambassadors of Efficiency winners. Those representing the Northeast region, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, are profiled below.

AC Equipment Representatives Inc. is located in Indianapolis and operates a second location in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Image courtesy of AC Equipment Representatives Inc.

AC Equipment Representatives Inc.

AC Equipment Representatives Inc. is located in Indianapolis and operates a second location in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The company, which opened in 1992, covers Indiana and multiple national accounts across the U.S. Today, the company employs eight individuals and represents Aaon, Aaon Controls, Bosch, Danfoss, Delta Cooling Towers, Fujitsu, Hygromatik, Laars, Ruud, and Xetex.

“AC Equipment Representatives Inc.’s commitment to excellence in representing quality manufacturers has provided years of continual customer satisfaction,” said Eric Martin, president, AC Equipment Representatives Inc.  “We know our business and understand our clients.”

Martin said the company is a highly qualified engineering manufacturing representative that is committed to representing manufacturers with long-lasting, high-quality equipment.

“We provide customers with the sustainability and efficiency needed in the areas of commercial HVAC,” he said. “We also provide support for businesses requiring factory-trained startup assistance along with other HVAC manufacturing support. We pride ourselves with knowledgeable staff regarding technical support along with assistance with warranty needs and replacement parts.”

The company is able to inform more than 600 engineers and contractors on current product offerings and emerging technologies through Constant Contact. AC Equipment Representatives Inc. also participates in ASHRAE, trade shows/conferences, and other networking mediums.

The company is continually looking to grow through opportunities with innovative products and qualified individuals, said Martin.

“Steve Goldenberg’s depth of knowledge of the industry, refrigeration, systems, and being a ‘go-to guy’ make him invaluable to our firm,” said one engineering customer. “His product knowledge has been successfully applied so that we’re choosing the correct products and operation to all of our projects. We can rely on him to provide us with alternative ideas with his products for applications that we have encountered.”

Fluid Handling Inc.'s staff of 33 associates covers Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Image courtesy of Fluid Handling Inc.

Fluid Handling Inc.

Fluid Handling Inc. is based in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, and first opened in 1980. The company, which employs 33 individuals, covers Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and promotes equipment from numerous brands, including Aldrich Co., Bryan Steam, Burnham Commercial, Calefactio, Lochinvar, Reymsa, Sterling, Taco Comfort Solutions, Thermal Solutions, and more.

“Fluid Handling has been a supplier of hydronic, steam, and plumbing solutions since 1980,” said Shane M. Creger, business development and product manager, Fluid Handling Inc. “From residential to industrial applications, our organization has the ability and experience to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for any project. From the initial design phase through final project commissioning, our team works tirelessly to ensure that each project is a positive experience for our industry partners.”

Fluid Handling’s in-house engineering team specializes in custom heat transfer package solutions that simplify project design, installation, and commissioning.

“We provide highly engineered, custom, packaged solutions for manufacturing, canning, bottling, and food processing industries all over the country,” Creger said.

The company aims to keep the industry and its customers informed of the latest HVAC technologies and trends by building a strong educational platform designed to train current and future project managers, technicians, and engineers as comprehensively as possible.

“We develop monthly product spotlights and offer in-person classroom seminars and online/webinar courses, some of which provide PDH credits for Wisconsin engineers,” Creger said.

Above all, the company’s top priority is its people.

“Our goal is to hire quality people and give them the latitude and tools to be amazing,” concluded Creger.

R.L. Deppmann Co. originated in 1927 and currently employs 73 individuals.

Image courtesy of R.L. Deppmann

R.L. Deppmann Co.

R.L. Deppmann Co. is based in Novi, Michigan, and operates locations in Grand Rapids and Saginaw, Michigan, and Brecksville, Ohio. The company originated in 1927. Today, the company employs 73 individuals, covering Michigan and northern Ohio.

The company promotes products from Bell & Gossett, Bock Water Heater, Bryan Boilers, Burnham Commercial, Danfoss, Lync by Watts, Metraflex, PVI, Tower Tech, Webster Engineering, and many others.

“Since our beginning, R.L. Deppmann has aspired to consistently respond to the needs of building owners’ heating, cooling, and plumbing systems,” said Alex Hogle, marketing manager, R.L. Deppmann Co. “R.L. Deppmann has created a rich culture that values knowledge and empowerment. These are the same values the company was founded on almost 100 years ago, and they have stood the test of time, paving the path for a team that operates with the highest integrity and pride.”

The company prides itself on being a great resource not only for the products it represents but also in how those products are best applied.

“We strive to be systems experts so that we can help our customer base make the best decisions for their hydronic, steam, or plumbing projects," said Hogle. "This allows us to guarantee our contractor, engineer, wholesaler, and owner partners the best solution for their needs.”

The company, which is 100% employee-owned with no majority shareholders, encourages a flat organizational structure with minimal levels of management between the team and its executives.

“This structure supports our core value of empowerment, elevating each employee’s responsibility and ensuring all voices and ideas are heard,” Hogle said. “A recent unbiased, third-party survey of our teams showed that employees feel Deppmann operates by strong core values and enables them to work at their full potential as a part of something meaningful.”

Culturally, the company is focused on going “above and beyond,” both internally and externally.

“The company was founded on the idea that we must be more than just another supplier offering products for sale,” said Hogle. “We should be expert advisors, always acting in the best interest of our customers. This dedication to mastering our field and operating with the highest standards of integrity has allowed Deppmann to consistently grow and thrive for nearly 100 years.”

For the last 14 years, R.L. Deppmann has published a weekly Monday Morning Minutes blog, which aims to simplify complicated industry matters for its customers.

“We get well over 10,000 hits every month as we do our best to explain hydronic, steam, and plumbing systems and the components they entail,” Hogle said. “This is a vast knowledge and training source both for our customers and employees. It’s completely free and available to anyone online. We also provide monthly service tips and hold many in-person and virtual seminars across our entire territory each year.”

The company’s hard work has not gone unnoticed as, in addition to this Ambassadors of Efficiency honor, the company has received a Top Workplace award from the Detroit Free Press each of the last four years.

“Our constant pursuit of knowledge allows us to stay focused on our original guiding purpose that continues to inspire us to this day: We exist to help people make better decisions,” said Hogle.

Specified Systems Inc. is based out of Des Moines, Iowa, and operates three locations.

Image courtesy of Specified Systems Inc.

Specified Systems Inc.

Specified Systems Inc. is based out of Des Moines, Iowa, and operates three locations. The company, which first opened in 1974, covers southern Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. Currently, Specified Systems employs seven individuals and promotes equipment from Axiom, Compass Mfg., Electro Industries, Gastite, Hydrolevel, Rehau, Smiths Environmental, Webstone, Weil McLain, and more.

“Our people and our tenure in the industry is what sets us apart,” said Jeff Reichart, partner, Specified Systems Inc. “Our work ethic is outstanding – we go the extra mile to provide the necessary technical and field support, designs, and layouts.”

The company aims to keep the industry informed of the latest HVAC trends and technologies through social media, its website, face-to-face meetings, and phone conversations.

“Reps at SSI have 25-plus years of industry-specific knowledge and proven project experience,” said one manufacturing customer. “Their engineering understanding and project-specific design support makes them a valuable partner for our sales and design teams. The depth and experience of their staff and large geographic reach allows us to locally collaborate, attend project sites jointly, and troubleshoot on-location. SSI has built relationships through trust in their capabilities and proven reliability on projects/designs.”

ThermalNetics LLC opened in 1972 and currently employs 61 individuals.

Image courtesy of ThermalNetics LLC

ThermalNetics LLC

ThermalNetics LLC is based in Auburn Hills, Michigan, and covers eastern Michigan. The company, which was started in 1972, employs 61 individuals. ThermalNetics currently promotes equipment from Climacool, Daikin, Daikin Applied, Global Plasma Solutions, Lennox, Motivair, Reznor, Seresco, SterilAire, Yaskawa, and more.

“With decades of experience, ThermalNetics is on the leading edge of energy recovery and environmentally responsible heating and cooling,” said Rick Sutkiewicz, president, ThermalNetics. “We specialize in systems that do more than move air around — our suite of innovative products allows us to improve the quality of air we breathe.”

ThermalNetics adheres to a set of core values that guide its performance. These include: Do the right thing, be proactive and take action, be driven to win, and always boast a can-do attitude.

“We’re dedicated to delivering a better client experience,” Sutkiewicz said. “When ThermalNetics is on your construction team, you can be confident that we will bring you personalized solutions and outstanding service.”

The company aims to keep the industry informed of the latest HVAC technologies and trends through lunch-and-learn events, product events, info sessions, trainings, email blasts, and more – all led by its team of experienced sales engineers.

“Our corporate focus is ‘creating more comfortable and healthy indoor environments by providing innovative HVAC solutions,’” said Sutkiewicz. “In striving to provide the most economical experience for end-users, we provide equipment, parts, and services to ensure the air we breathe in our schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, etc., is something that will allow us all to live happier, healthier, and safer lives.”

One engineering customer praised the company’s ability to deliver prompt service in times of need.

“We had a project where the install had an issue with the vibration of the equipment,” said the engineer. “Sales engineer Jim Shoffner went out the same day and was able to not only diagnose the issue but also fix the problem. This was a system we highly recommended to the user, so it saved our reputation for recommending quality products.”