SUWANEE, Ga. — Abatement Technologies, a manufacturer of abatement products designed to remove harmful air particles and improve IAQ, is proud to introduce the AG5000. This is the third addition to Abatement Technologies’ Aire Guardian® series that contains and filters any disturbed dust or harmful particles through a HEPA filtration unit. Presenting a sleek appearance, the AG5000 is more professional looking than tent cubes and features an anodized aluminum frame and walls with clear polycarbonate windows. The AG5000 offers both wall and above-the-ceiling access for maintenance and construction activities in health care settings.

A mid-sized powerhouse, the Aire Guardian AG5000 combines qualities from Abatement Technologies AG3000 and AG8000 to bring health care construction, abatement and remediation, and health care facilities a collapsible, hard-sided cart that is designed for easy transport and storage. Fully extended, the AG5000 is 124 inches tall to fit an 8-foot A-Frame step ladder but collapses down to an easily transportable 20 inches.

“Our team wanted to provide construction professionals with a flexible, easy to set-up and move mobile containment dustcart,” said Andrew Harber, CEO, Abatement Technologies. “The AG8000 is the ideal collapsable dust containment cart solution as it meets ICRA guideline requirements while also resolving difficulties in transportation and storage space. By comparison, a collapsed AG5000 can fit into the back of a flatbed truck for efficient transportation and boasts an easy on-site two-person assembly.”


Additional Features and Benefits Include:

•             White, nylon, fire-retardant fabric enclosure;

•             A clear pouch holds work orders and other documents;

•             A 900-pound load rating and secure locking casters;

•             A portable air-scrubber port for negative air operation; and

•             A clear pass-through window in the top enclosure.


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