CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Venstar®, a thermostat and energy management systems supplier, today introduced the DC500 Data Concentrator and Surveyor® Cloud Energy Management System (EMS).

“Energy costs are typically one of the largest in-store operating costs for multi-location businesses, such as small-box retail and restaurant chains,” said steve Tudhope, vice president of sales, Venstar. “With Surveyor energy management systems, users typically save on their energy costs, which translates to saving tens of millions of dollars each year in addition to dramatic reductions in CO2 emissions. It also provides a more comfortable environment, improving staff and customer well-being.”

Installed at more than 30,000 locations throughout North America, Venstar’s Surveyor has proven successful in reducing energy costs at leading small-box retail and restaurant chains.


Surveyor DC500 Data Concentrator 

Venstar’s new Surveyor DC500 features include:

  • Easy-to-use touchscreen interface;
  • Wi-Fi® and Ethernet connectivity options;
  • Bluetooth® for simple, user-friendly pairing of compatible devices; 
  • VenNet® radio for communication with new VenNet sensors;
  • Real-time, user-defined alerts and alarms; and
  • Compatibility with Surveyor Series 400 systems.


Surveyor Cloud Energy Management System

The next generation of Venstar’s award-winning Surveyor EMS, Surveyor Cloud is hosted in the cloud and features an enhanced user interface. Whether it is for a chain with hundreds or thousands of locations, Surveyor Cloud gives multisite retailers unprecedented visibility into their locations. Users can see the status of the entire chain quickly and efficiently to remotely monitor, manage, and control energy usage while reducing maintenance and facilities expenses. For more information,