SEATTLE — Coffman Engineers Inc., a national multidiscipline engineering firm, announced a new board director and six new shareholders at the annual shareholder meeting held on March 17. 

Scott Twele, P.E., was elected as a board director, and reelected directors Arvind Nerurkar and Brion Wise will serve another term. Twele is the California regional manager, the San Diego office managing principal, and a fire protection engineer.

"Scott is a resP.E.cted engineer with a deep commitment to our business and culture,” said Dave Ruff, P.E., CEO and chair, Coffman Engineers Inc. “He is a welcome asset to the board, and I look forward to his energy and ideas. I also want to thank Dave Gardner for serving as a director for more than 10 years. We owe him huge thanks for his significant contribution to our success."

Coffman's new shareholders include James Chen, P.E.; Christopher Haight, P.E., SE; Renato Molina, P.E.; Nicholai Smith, P.E.; Brian Walkenhauer, P.E., SE; and Rob Wasserman, P.E., SE.

"Congratulations to Coffman's new shareholders. It is critically important to strengthen and grow our leadership team companywide with fresh energy and perspectives,” said Ruff. “We are fortunate to have their continued commitment to the success of our clients and company."

James Chen, P.E., is an electrical engineering discipline manager and the Raleigh office operations manager. In addition to consulting, he has helped grow Coffman's business throughout the Tar Heel State.

Christopher Haight, P.E., SE, is a structural engineer and the Orange County office operations manager. He combines his knowledge in local building design and experience working abroad to lead and manage the growing office. 

Renato Molina, P.E., is a fire protection engineer and the D.C. Metro office operations manager. His office leadership and experience in the fire protection industry have been instrumental in establishing Coffman's presence throughout the region.

Nicholai Smith, P.E., is an electrical engineer in Coffman's Anchorage office and leads commercial and industrial design projects. He is the electrical department lead for key oil and gas clients.

Brian Walkenhauer, P.E., SE, is a structural engineer and the Burlington office operations manager. His design background includes commercial, industrial, military, and complex seismic retrofit projects.

Rob Wasserman, P.E., SE, is a project management professional and civil and structural engineer in Coffman's Anchorage office. Rob specializes in industrial projects, including petroleum, liquified natural gas, refineries, and terminals.

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