WILLOWBROOK, Ill. — The New York Blower Company has added features to its mobile app for anyone operating an industrial blower. The unit converter makes it easy to switch between common imperial and metric measurements for fans, including volume, pressure, power, and density. Fan to Size Mobile makes fan selection much easier by being able to determine which type of fan is needed based on operating capacities and conditions. The home screen was also redesigned for easier navigation.

In addition to these features, those with an NYB blower are able to access all original documentation and capacity information from their order using a shop number. Certified drawings, data, and curves can be saved to your device or emailed to colleagues. If parts are needed, there is the ability to order replacement components online and save shop numbers to your device for future reference. The fan law calculator allows you to import original operating capacities and make changes to see how fan performance is affected.

The app is updated regularly with new features to make it more valuable to users. Links to helpful online resources and contact information are also available. By allowing fan users easy access to information, they can make better decisions and ultimately save money and time. For more information, visit www.nyb.com.