HOUSTON — The new Essency EXR water heater offers tankless advantages, such as hot water on demand, in a conventional tank water heater. The EXR installs like any other conventional tank water heater while delivering tankless-type performance. With its 80-gallon first-hour rating, the EXR outperforms all tank and tankless competitors in its class.

Water in the 55-gallon tank stays put, never entering the household system, so the tank requires no anodes and scale buildup is minimized. The stored water acts as a thermal heat source, heating incoming tap water as it passes through an oversized heat exchanger in response to household demand.

The tough polymer composite tank is warrantied to last for 20 years. App-based Wi-Fi connectivity lets users control settings remotely, while the on-board battery backup system keeps the water flowing hot even in case of a power interruption. Molded side handles make for easy one-person installation. Whether for a new build or replacement situation, the EXR bridges the gap between tank and tankless and fits the purpose. For more information, visit www.essencyhome.com.