SAN MARCOS, Calif., March 14, 2022 – Encycle Corp., a software technology company focused on helping commercial enterprise-level utility customers dramatically improve the efficiency of their HVAC systems using IoT-enabled services, named Steve Alexander president and CEO, effective March 1. Alexander succeeds Robert Chiste, who served as the company’s CEO since 2015. As part of the transition, Chiste will join Encycle’s board as executive chairman.

Alexander has been Encycle’s president and COO since 2015. Together with Chiste, he has led Encycle through tremendous growth, establishing strategic partnerships with building control OEMs and utility program and service providers to deliver specialized HVAC energy-saving technologies to business customers.

“Steve is an experienced industry leader who offers the knowledge, experience, and talent to continue advancing Encycle as a holistic provider of energy savings, fault detection, and decarbonization solutions for the HVAC industry,” said Chiste. “He has been instrumental in expanding the adoption of our unique Swarm Logic® energy-saving technology across multiple markets and introducing our automated fault detection capabilities. This transition provides the continuity for Encycle to deliver on its transformative approach to energy management.”

Alexander has extensive executive experience in high-growth businesses, including inventory management software, solar products, and energy services companies. He has bolstered Encycle’s ability to support its customers’ HVAC maintenance operations through recent software upgrades, shifting them toward more proactive and preventive practices.

“I joined Encycle knowing that Bob had built a world-class team of experts committed to helping commercial and industrial customers realize significant energy and emissions reductions through cloud-based technology that’s highly accessible and affordable,” said Alexander. “Now more than ever, companies are looking for sustainable solutions that don’t require large capital investments. Encycle is perfectly positioned to help our customers meet their energy efficiency and decarbonization targets. This is a very exciting time for all of us at Encycle because we can see the impact of our efforts across thousands of facilities. I appreciate Bob’s mentorship over the years and am thrilled to continue collaborating with him on the future success of Encycle.”

Encycle’s Swarm Logic energy management technology empowers some of the biggest retailers and other multisite companies to combat HVAC-related energy challenges. The data-driven, multi-patented software dynamically synergizes HVAC rooftop units (RTUs), enabling them to operate most efficiently as a system. Typical Encycle customers save 10%-20% on HVAC energy consumption, costs, and emissions with results that have been independently reviewed and verified. For more information,