BALTIMORE — Food retail store owners and managers now have a more powerful tool at their fingertips with the Danfoss AK-SM 800A System Manager. This whole-store monitoring solution provides the next step in world-class refrigeration system and store control, monitoring, ease-of-use, and connection to the enterprise layer. The series provides everything store owners need to optimize their refrigeration systems and energy savings in an easy-to-use, fully customizable controller.

Designed and manufactured specifically for food retail, the AK-SM 800A series of system managers features built-in controls for HVAC, lighting, and compressors for a flexible, fully customizable system. The AK-SM 800A series is available in four versions to meet customer needs.

The AK-SM 800A series of controllers uses cloud-based operation through the Danfoss Alsense IoT Food Retail Services platform and connected services. Powered by Microsoft Azure, the Alsense platform provides food retail operators with the means to reduce energy costs by up to 30% with a seamless and responsive portal, alerts, continued product enhancements and actionable insights to reduce food and energy waste. The AK SM 800A’s extended log point collection allows for future view, export or syncing with the cloud. Users can connect remotely to the AK-SM 800A controller series with ease using the browser-based (HTML5) StoreView Browser 5. An integrated Wi-Fi access point provides secure, direct and extended connectivity to other devices. Security measures, including secure connection to web (HTTPS) and email, encrypted data, and secure software update packages, ensure peace of mind for store owners.

Performance is top-tier with the upgraded microprocessor and increased memory for fast response times, industry-standard Linux operating system for enhanced controller performance, and setup and installation wizards on the touchscreen for easier user interaction.

“Improving energy efficiency and reducing costs require constant monitoring of the entire food retail operation,” said Michael Kellerman, director of EC&S business development at Danfoss North America. “The AK-SM 800A series gives store owners and managers a robust and flexible tool that allows them to adjust any aspect of their energy usage with the touch of a button.”

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