HOUSTON — Honeywell announced a portfolio of solutions and services to help end users harness hydrogen as an alternative fuel in industrial and commercial thermal processes to reduce their carbon footprints.

Honeywell’s end-to-end offering comes at a time when many organizations around the globe are seeking to enact or tighten programs that decrease their greenhouse gas emissions. Converting to hydrogen-based fuels for process heating can help users meet both industry and self-imposed carbon reduction goals and avoid costly penalties.

The most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen, offers potential to reduce global emissions. When future clean energy networks. Furthermore, hydrogen’s ubiquity in industrial processes and its suitability as a fuel for a wide range of applications makes it ideal for widespread adoption.

Honeywell has developed and tested a large portfolio of hydrogen fired industrial burners, ready to provide clean heat in many thermal appliances. Likewise, the company’s burner management and control systems, pressure regulators, and safety shut-off valves have been evaluated and assessed on hydrogen and are ready to safely start, stop, and control hydrogen fired appliances.

Meanwhile, Honeywell continues to lead the digitalization of the thermal industry with the “Powered by Thermal IQ” platform. Thermal IQ connects thermal assets with powerful analytics to create an enterprise-wide digital thermal ecosystem. Customers can easily measure thermal system performance in real time and estimate cost savings as well as emission levels when blending fuels, such as hydrogen.

Honeywell also offers complete, custom-engineered systems that harness decades of know-how and experience gleaned from hydrogen projects and application tests. Furthermore, the company’s global team of experts — fortified by insights and learnings from Honeywell labs around the world — stand ready to answer customers’ hydrogen questions and help them with their unique process requirements.

Hydrogen poses unique challenges compared to natural gas, including its wider flammability limits and its lower spark energy for ignition. With our broad offering of burners, valves, controls, software, and services, combined with our engineering expertise and laboratory capabilities, Honeywell Thermal Solutions is able to deliver innovative complete and safe solutions for hydrogen for the process heating market.

“Most companies know they need to reduce their carbon emissions imminently but aren’t sure where to start,” said Chad Briggs, vice president and general manager, Honeywell Thermal Solutions. “That’s where we can help. Through the breadth and depth of our hydrogen capable and customized solutions, application services, and subject matter expertise, we can get customers on the right path to achieving their carbon reduction commitments and ambitions.”

For more information, visit:www.thermalsolutions.honeywell.com.