HOUSTON — Mantis Innovation, provider of smart, sustainable solutions to improve facility performance, announced its subsidiary Fairbanks Energy Services is rebranding under the Efficiency Solutions division, marking another point of growth for the Mantis brand. This rebranding effort for the Efficiency Solutions division reflects the demands of a market seeking increased energy efficiency and sustainability solutions as well as affirms Mantis’ commitment to meeting the needs of today’s businesses as they work towards improved facility performance.

The Efficiency Solutions division of Mantis Innovation aims to decrease the energy use in a building to lower costs and improve environmental impact. The integration of the Fairbanks brand into this division will strengthen Mantis’ offerings in:

•           LED lighting and advanced lighting controls integrations;

•           HVAC retrofit projects, including boilers, chillers, air handlers, fans, pumps, piping, and many other types of equipment in mechanical systems;

•           Building automation system integrations and updates for improved building performance, including enabling use of open protocol systems;

•           Comprehensive data center optimizations, including airflow management and loop optimization; and 

•           Securing utility incentive program qualification to offset project cost.

“We look forward to the impact of rebranding Fairbanks Energy Services with Mantis Innovation,” said Adam Fairbanks, president of the Mantis Efficiency Solutions division, formerly Fairbanks Energy Services. “This is a natural next step in the growth of our organization following our partnership last year. By integrating our brand and expanding our offerings through Mantis, we are reaffirming our commitment to providing clients with a broader suite of sustainable, turnkey solutions and managed facility services.”

“We are thrilled to announce the rebrand of Fairbanks Energy Services under the Mantis Innovation name,” said Dan Marzuola, CEO of Mantis Innovation. “Our partnership with the Fairbanks team has proven to be a valuable addition to our growing solutions portfolio and to welcome them under the Mantis brand is an exciting next step. We look forward to continuing our work providing superior sustainability solutions and effective facility management support to our client base.”

For more information, visit https://mantisinnovation.com.