Do you work with an exemplary manufacturers’ rep. who is dedicated to providing the best product possible for every project?

If so, then show off your partners by nominating them in Engineered Systems' inaugural Ambassadors of Efficiency Manufacturers Reps of the Year contest.

Twenty-five manufacturers’ reps will be chosen to represent five regions across the U.S. (Northeast, Northwest, Midwest, Southeast, and Southwest). The winners will be announced in the May 2022 issue of Engineered Systems.

While often overlooked, manufacturers’ representatives are essential elements within the built environment. Manufacturers’ representatives keep the design community current with the latest equipment technology for HVAC applications, provide industry training, and much more. Typically, consulting engineers do not have a vested interest in research regarding specific equipment for continuous improvements and/or innovative design features and associated benefits, etc. for the HVAC building industry. Design engineers follow guidelines and standards from organizations such as ASHRAE to select the optimum HVAC equipment for the application. Often, during this process, engineers will rely on manufacturer representatives for guidance pertaining to specific equipment type and performance. Manufacturers’ representatives exist to keep the engineering community current with latest equipment technology; equipment cost; delivery time; construction assistance for the HVAC projects; and more through shop drawing submittals, equipment startup, operation, and maintenance (O&M) manuals, training sessions; equipment warranties, and more.

Nominations are due Feb. 25. Simply click this link and follow the steps. The form shouldn’t take more than five minutes to complete!