WORCESTER, Mass. — Webstone®, a brand of NIBCO, announces new patent pending Dielectric Water Heater Supply Valves™ (DWHSV). These Pro-Pal® step-saving valves simplify the installation and service of any water heater, combining a dielectric union, a ball valve, and a ½-inch FIP vacuum relief valve port into a single forged dezincification resistant brass body. For areas where an expansion tank is also required, the Dielectric Water Heater Supply Valve with Expansion Tank Service (DWHSV-X) is a fully integrated solution. It features an extended arm with a ¾-inch FIP port and ¾-inch capped hose drain. Both models are available with or without the vacuum relief valve and the user’s choice of FIP, MIP, sweat, press, or push ends to connect to system piping. For more information, visit www.webstonevalves.com/pro-pal.