CUMBRIA, U.K. — Venturi flow meters are used extensively in the measurement of gas and other low viscosity fluids, such as hot water, solvents and fuels, and are a proven technology due to their ease of use and robustness.

A team of flow and temperature measurement experts at McMenon Engineering Services, based in Cumbria, have now adapted the existing technology to improve the accuracy of measurement readings of high viscosity fluids, for example bitumen, glycerin and syrup, to be used across more sectors, including drilling, heavy fuel oil, and even food and drink.

In partnership with TUV SUD National Engineering Laboratory (NEL), McMenon was awarded grant funding through the U.K. Government’s Analysis for Innovators scheme to develop a solution that records more accurate data for liquids with higher viscosity levels, particularly as these fluids tend to include abrasive particles which often damage conventional flow meters.

The McMenon team has devised the High Viscosity Venturi, a hard-wearing device that can withstand higher viscosity fluid applications, to improve the performance of readings, while also removing the need for calibration — potentially up to 50% of the cost of the device.

“This technology is a real game changer globally in measuring gas and fluids and a real feather in the cap for McMenon,” said Dr. Craig Marshall, product development director at McMenon. “Venturi flow meters are used across the world, and we have created a solution that is very robust for the application and won’t suffer a lot of wear and tear. By offering technology without calibration, it will lower the cost of the process by around 50% too.”

Shiby Bernard, COO, McMenon, said, “Working with NEL, we have tested the High Viscosity Venturi to a high standard and we are so proud of the results and excited to bring such advanced technology to the wider public. “This product is another example of McMenon’s commitment and drive to develop ground-breaking technology that is safe and efficient.”

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