CARMS, Wales, United Kingdom — Weld purging smaller tubes and pipes of different diameters can be challenging, especially when budgets are tight. Often, welders are left to create their own homemade purging dams out of unsuitable materials such as foam, paper or cardboard. 

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT) has designed and developed clinically clean, white, nylon Weld Purge Plugs™, providing a great barrier for weld purging at a very low cost. 

“For welding nickel and titanium alloys and stainless steel tubes and pipe joints as well as stubs, elbows and tees, Weld Purge Plugs are a perfect product to seal all holes and orifices for quality internal weld purging,” said Luke Keane, technical sales manager, HFT. “They can also be used for weld purging small or odd diameter pipes where conventional inline pipe purging systems may not be practical.”

Weld Purge Plugs are made from engineering quality nylon up to 6 inches in (152 mm) diameter and will not seize up, rust, or corrode. A friction-reducing washer inserted between the top plate and wing nut provides easy expansion and release. 

Weld Purge Plugs are also available in ready-made Weld Purging and Orbital Welding Kits containing the most common sizes of Purge Plugs used. Each kit has a strong, robust ABS plastic case with custom foam inlays for storage and quick location of the plugs where needed. 

HFT also designs and manufactures a range of tandem weld purging systems in sizes 1 inch to 88 inches, producing oxide-free welds time after time. 

The tandem systems isolate a small volume either side of the weld to reduce inert gas costs and to bring the weld purging time down to a fraction of what it might take using other kinds of dams and unsuitable materials. For more information, visit