SHOREVIEW, Minn. — TSI Inc., a provider of performance measurement solutions, is excited to announce the expansion of the TSI AirAssure™ Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitor product line. The newest addition, the AirAssure™ 8144-2, a two-gas model designed to help end users understand and manage common indoor air pollutants utilizes low-cost sensor technology to continuously monitor carbon dioxide (CO2), total volatile organic compounds (tVOC), particulate matter (PM), and other indoor air conditions. The AirAssure model 8144-2 also connects to the same TSI Link™ Solutions cloud-based monitoring platform as the four- and six-gas models, which allows users to deploy any combination of the three AirAssure™ monitors around their buildings for increased spatial resolution.

Every space is different — the TSI AirAssure IAQ Monitor caters to many building types, ranging from schools to hospitality to office buildings to manufacturing settings. This small, lightweight monitor is easy to set up, mount, and start collecting data in less than 10 minutes. The unit is made to help users optimize their IAQ ventilation needs while helping to achieve a safe and productive space.

"We are thrilled to be expanding the current AirAssure™ IAQ monitor portfolio,” said Erica Vranak, global product manager at TSI. “We are now offering three different configurations that allow you to mix-and-match for the types of contaminants you are measuring. From basic assessments to more advanced applications, the expansion allows you to choose the best fit for your building type."

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